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New Arrivals

September 15 -17


1lb Potatoes;  Red/White/ Russet $1.95

1 lb Sweet Potato $2.95

1.5 lb Carrots $4.00

1lb Cabbage; Red /Green $1.95

1lb Rutabaga $1.95

1 lb Turnip $1.95

1lb Beets Red $1.95

4 Pk Parsnips $3.95

Pk Radish $2.95

Each Celery $3.00

3 for Romaine Hearts $3.95

Each Green Onions $1.00

3 for Sweet Onions $2.95

Each Onions; $1.00 Red/Yellow/ White  

6 for Apples; 5.95 Honeycrisp/Gala/Macintosh / Fuji /Pink Lady or $1 each

3 for Nectarines $4.95

6 for Plums; Red & Black $4.95

4 for Peaches; Yellow $4.95

4 for Avocados $3.95

1 lb Grapes; Red $3.95

12oz Raspberries $3.50

Pint Blueberries $2.50

2 for Mangos; Red $$3.95

1 lb Bananas $1.00

Each Pineapple $4.95

3 for Garlic; Russian $3.00

6 for Oranges; Calif $6.95

6 for Lemons 4.95

6 for Limes 4.95

Each Grapefruit $0.95

Each Cantaloupe $3.95

1 lb Tomatoes; On The Vine $2.95

Each Cauliflower $5.95

Each Zucchini $0.95

1 lb Broccoli $3.95

 3 for Cucumbers; Mini $2.95

Pk Cilantro $2.95

4 for Alberta Corn $3.95

3 PK Peppers; Assorted $3.95

Each Pomegranates 3.95

Some Quantities 

Are Limited



at Lacombe Centre

We are an indoor year round market in Lacombe, Alberta.

This season we celebrate BC fruit growers, small local producers, artisans and craftsman from Alberta.

We are open every

Friday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm,

Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Summer Flavours:


Mint Chocolate

Mocha Mountain

Pistachio with Almonds

Seal Salt Carmel Fudge


Turtle Mountain

Blast Off

Campfire Smores

Cookie Beast

Cookie Dough

Cookies and Cream

Maple Walnut

NY Cherry Cheesecake

Rum Raisin

Shark Attack

Wet Paint

Bubble Gum


Cotton Candy

Carmel Crunch

Blue Berry Cheese Cake

French Vanilla

Welcome to

The Market

Betty's Ice Creamery smaller.jpg

Supporting Our Local Community

The Market at Lacombe Centre is a new indoor year round market in Lacombe that

celebrates artisans and craftsman from Alberta


Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we invite you to meet your local artisans, brewers and crafters. At the market you’ll find high quality products from all over Alberta.

Become a Vendor

We are always accepting applications for new vendors.


If you run a small, locally-owned business and your product is made in Alberta, you could be a great fit for The Market. 

We have a variety of booth sizes and flexible lease options. 

Just a few of our many produce items available in season!

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